How to run old games on Windows 10 in 2020 – 3 Methods

One of the biggest challenges facing games over 20 years old is to get them to run on modern computers with Windows 10. Microsoft has added backwards compatibility to Windows 10, but this doesn’t work in many cases.

I will describe the 3 methods below. You can start with method 1. If this doesn’t work for you, go to method 2. Problems with method 2? Try method 3.

1 – Windows 10 Compatiblity Mode

Right mouseclick on the game executable and open Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab and click on Change settings for all users. Play around a bit with these settings and test the game.

This method doesn’t work in many cases. But it is worth trying! You can check if the game is compatible with Windows 95 or newer. Older games will not work with this method.

Try the following settings:
– Compatibility Mode
– Run this program as an administrator
– Reduced color mode

2 – DOSBox

Most games from the 90s are compatible with DOSBox. You can even install Windows 3.11 with games into DOSBox.  The advantage of DOSBox is the possibility to easily play DOS games, but also to create a script to automatically start games in Windows 3.11!

DOSBox Guide:

3 – PCem

PCem is the best option to play Windows 95 or Windows 98(SE) games!  I am very happy with this emulator. There is no alternative for PCem at the moment.

The most games in VMs will not work due to video card compatibility issues. It’s nice to click through an old Windows VM in Virtualbox or VMware, but PCem wins in this area! 😉 Just put a virtual 3dfs voodoo2 in your Windows machine!

What do you need?
– PCem v16
– PC with 4Ghz cores (single thread performance) is recommended.
– BIOS files (Google for pcem bios files)
– Windows 98SE ISO (OEM is bootable)
– Bootimage to boot from CD
– Voodoo2 drivers
– DirectX 7+

It takes some time to set up PCem, but after that you have the best Windows 98 emulator!