Setting up Docker in Containers – OpenVZ 7

App containers like Docker are vulnerable to security risks. Docker inside an OpenVZ container is a nice solution to secure your containers!

I will explain how to configure Docker inside a container with CentOS 7.

Create a new container:

prlctl create CTNAME --vmtype ct --ostemplate centos-7-x86_64

Check your bridge config:

prlsrvctl net list
[[email protected] ~]$ prlsrvctl net list
Network ID        Type      Bound To       Bridge         Slave interfaces
Bridged           bridged   enp3s0         br0
Host-Only         host-only                virbr0

Add a new interface to your container:

prlctl set CTNAME --netif_add netif1

Set your IP-Address:

prlctl set CTNAME --ifname netif1 --ipadd YourIP/CIDR

Set your DNS IP-Address:

prlctl set CTNAME --ifname netif1 --nameserver

Set your gateway IP-Address:

prlctl set CTNAME --ifname netif1 --gw YourGatewayIP

Add netif1 to network ‘Bridged’:

prlctl set CTNAME --ifname netif1 --network Bridged

Using a dedicated/public server? Request and setup a virtual mac-address:

prlctl set CTNAME --device-set net1 --mac 00:1C:42:2D:74:00

Choose the container resources: Link

Start the container:

prlctl start CTNAME

Install Docker:

prlctl exec CTNAME yum install docker -y

Start Docker daemon:

prlctl exec CTNAME systemctl start docker.service

Setup SQL inside Docker:

prlctl exec CTNAME docker run --name mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=YourPassword -d mysql

Setup WordPress:

prlctl exec CTNAME docker run --name wordpress --link mysql:mysql -p 8080:80 \
-d wordpress

Yay! The installation has been completed!

Visit the IP-Address of your container on webport 8080.

Check the OpenVZ Guide for more information about networking etc.: Link

  • OpenVZ 7 does not support checkpointing and live migration of containers with Docker installed.
  • OpenVZ 7 supports only overlayfs storage driver for Docker inside Virtuozzo containers.
  • Modules and third party add-ons that depend on operations prohibited in containers (loading of kernel modules, mounting of block devices, direct access to physical hardware) may not work in containers.

Docker on OpenVZ or Virtuozzo Containers:

Docker on VM’s:

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